Making the most of your gap year – become a seasonnaire

Instead of being a couch potato and leaving the house every other weekend, why not make the most of your gap year and become a ski and snowboarding seasonnaire in […]

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Instead of being a couch potato and leaving the house every other weekend, why not make the most of your gap year and become a ski and snowboarding seasonnaire in Morzine? Spend this December to April at Chalet Nantegue, a catered seasonnaire chalet in the heart of Portes du Soleil, France.

Every winter hoards of gap year students flock from the UK and decide to spend the winter in a ski resort, training to become a seasonnaire and/or instructor. There are numerous jobs available and you can obtain valuable life skills and qualifications while having the time of your life. Chalet Nantegue is right in the heart of Morzine’s playground for snow lovers, renowned for its spectacular party nights, exclusive snow park and a multitude of activities to choose from. You’ll never run out of things to do– and you’ll make lifelong friends at the same time!

One of the major benefits of becoming a seasonnaire is that you get to experience independent living. Most people will generally opt to move back in with parents or live with mates while starting their careers in the UK. But imagine how much more exciting it will be to tell your friends and family that you spent this time flying down the side of a mountain in the northern alps; having winter BBQs, building a snow park, and meeting new and equally exciting people who you can probably do this all again with.

Instructor training courses

If you’re looking to gain something more from your stay, why not look into becoming a ski instructor? There are courses available that are typically between 4 and 12 weeks long. During this time you will receive training from a qualified instructor, first aid qualifications, mountain safety training and an instructor association membership. Most courses will be over five days a week where you’ll spend at least four hours doing structured practices and shadowing the pros. Once you have completed training, you will be able to take your qualification with you and instruct newbies all over the world!

Obtaining top hire skills

Ever been sat in an interview and been asked for a specific example of what you have done, or why your skills are different from any of the other candidates? What about when the interviewer asked you for a time you had “worked as a team to achieve a goal”? You’ll have a great response after experiencing life as a seasonnaire.

Spending your gap year abroad for one whole season takes careful planning, shows that you are self-reliant and have the initiative to go beyond the ordinary. You’ll have a multitude of experiences to choose from after you’ve completed your five months winter seasonnaire trip.

Communication and leadership

It doesn’t matter what job you’re going for, employers love evidence of leadership experience in young applicants – you are the future leaders of this country after all. Planning a holiday is one thing, but planning a five months seasonal accommodation in Morzine, on a budget, and doing it all on your own shows commitment, self-initiative, and leadership skills. It shows that you are able and willing to try something out of you comfort zone, manage large projects under pressure, and adapt to any challenges that may occur.

Living abroad will require your communication skills to be top notch, whether you choose to find work or take up a ski instructor course, you will need to be able to communicate effectively with your group, your customers and your colleagues. While France is a country where English is widely spoken, there will be times your local lingo and communications skills will be tested as you meet new people.

So if you fancy doing something different with your time this year, then come conquer the winter season with us and become a seasonnaire. We have en-suite rooms, an in house chalet bar, free Wi-Fi and linen change every two weeks, all included in the package! We’ll even provide you with breakfast and evening meals six nights per week if you choose a catered package, which will work out much cheaper and leave you with one less thing to worry about.

Take a look at our gallery for photos of some of the best nights we’ve had yet and if you need any more information, or further convincing, then contact one of our team members who will be delighted to help you put together an affordable ski season accommodation package that’s just right for you.

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