Surviving a MTB Trip to The Alps

The popularity of heading to the Alps to get your MTB fix has amplified over the past decade or so. The sheer scale of the mountains has meant that resorts can offer mountain bikers a wider variety of trails that are more accessible to what can be found back home.

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From having all sorts of mountain bikers come and stay with us, from first timers to seasoned pros we get to hear what they make of riding in the Alps and how it compares to what they're used to. One thing for sure is they all say how different it is out here in terms of steepness, terrain and of course the heat! With this in mind, we have come up with Chalet Nantegue’s survival guide to mountain biking in the Alps:

Bring Spares

You don’t need to go overboard, but it’s definitely worth while bringing out some essentials like brake pads, lube and inner tubes. If you have any components that are quite specific and hard to get hold of – if it’s feasible bring spares of these too. Although Morzine is equipped with whole host of bike shops, they may need to order in certain parts which could mean you’re off your bike for a few days.

 It gets hot – very hot

Temperatures can soar into the 30’s which makes for some very hot and sweaty riding. Bring your lightest jerseys and t shirts and don’t forget to pack the sun cream. The weather can dramatically change in the Alps, look out for signs at lift stations warning of storms and bad weather – it is likely they will have to shut the lifts if a storm comes in – you certainly don’t want to be stuck over in Switzerland if this happens!

Bring the right kit

Morzine is home to some serious trails and tough terrain and wearing the right protection is essential. Downhill mountain bikers opt for full face helmets and many wear additional protection such as knee pads, elbow guards, back protectors and neck braces. Don’t underestimate the types of trails you will be riding – it is always better to come prepared.

 Get to know the grading

The grading of trails can vary from resort to resort so get to know what it’s like where you are. Morzine is graded using greens (easiest) blues, reds and blacks (hardest). However bear in mind some greens can be as challenging as some reds back in the UK, until you get a feel for what it’s like for your own ability – it might be best to ask for some advice and start off on a few comfortable trails with no surprises.

[caption id="attachment_558" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Don't Forget the Essentials[/caption]

If you would like any more information on what it’s like riding in Morzine and staying with us, get in touch by email: or call our UK office on 0845 370 1104

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